Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Classic Hannah Face

Hannah can go from a happy to a sour face in nothing flat. This is what you might experience if you are there! This is Lucy. She helped us with some entertainment at last nights photo sesssion.

Maternity Pictures

I was pretty determined not to have any maternity pictures taken this time, because I do not love the way that I look. After thinking about it, I felt guilty so we asked our friend Steve to take a few pictures before Lauren is born. I am glad that we did it and very pleased with the way that they cam out. Here are the ones we have so far.

I was 35 weeks when I had my pictures taken with Hannah and yesterday I was a little past 35 weeks. Steve is a friend from LifeGroup and takes more than just Maternity pictures. You can check out his website at www.stevenhodgsonphotography.com if you want to know more about his business. In just a matter of weeks we will be meeting our new addition! In fact it is 3 weeks and 1 day (if you don't include today;)! I am ready to not be pregnant and excited for Hannah to meet her new sister! Speaking of Hannah... she has been changing like crazy these days! She talks ALL the time! Here are some of her favorite things to say:
- Hannah do it.
-I got it.
- Hi, Mommy!
- Hi, Daddy!
- I'm good.
-I see it.
- Stop.
-Stop talking daddy.
-Stop talking mommy. (she tells us this in the car all the time, not sure why)
She says many other things, but these are a few we hear alot! It is really funny when you hear her say certain things because it makes you realize what you sound like! Today she was talking to Bailey and kept saying... "uh, uh, no Bailey". I am pretty sure that I say "uh, uh" to her alot! Anyways, we love her to pieces and can't believe that our first baby is going to be 2 very soon! We will keep you posted on any progress with Lauren.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Today we had some professional pictures done of Hannah. I think they turned out really cute.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lauren's Nusery

We are finshed with the room! After alot of hard work and a busy toddlers help we have finally finshed everything. All we need are a few little things and we are ready to go! Only about 5 and a half weeks until we meet our little Lauren and we couldn't be more excited. I don't think Hannah really knows what is coming, but I do think she will love Lauren to pieces! She is such a kind hearted little girl that loves others. She understands that I am growing and the "baby sister" is growing too, but I don't think she understands that she will not be inside forever! She will soon find out. We have been so blessed to have an easy pregnancy and look forward to how our family will soon be growing and changing!

The beautiful curtains that a family friend made. I love the way the complete the room! Thank you again Brenda!

Closet door and the lovely new diaper pail. I hope this one doesn't stink! ;)

Changing table

Lamp and Wall Art

Glider and Corner wall

Splish Splash!

So these are not the best pictures ever, but you get the idea! Yesterday was our first visit to the pool this summer. She loved it! In fact, I had to promise that we would return soon in order to get her out of the water. It was pretty crowded, but she loved watching the other kids. I enjoyed the water too being that I am 33 weeks pregnant! I felt a little lighter than normal!

Do we have to go?