Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sorry for the delay!

Here are some pics...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wardrobe Disaster...

First off, sorry for the dealy between posts. Its been a busy few weeks.

Today's story is one of Daddy's incompetence and the price Hannah paid for it.

So, mommy works in the nursery at church during the early service. This means that the morning duties (feeding, changing, clothing, etc) fall to Dad. Afterwards, Hannah and Daddy meet mom up at church.

For the most part, Daddy follows directions okay enough. Enough to get by at least. Mommy helps by laying out clothes and putting together a "to go" bag full of diapers, a bottle, a change of clothers, etc. And, as exhibit A shows, Hannah is usually dressed pretty good.

Well last Sunday was the typical routine. Mommy went to church and Daddy took care of Hannah. No real issues. He feed her, changed her, and dressed her in the cute outfit Mommy had laid out. No problems.

Out the door Daddy and Hannah go - ready to meet Mom at church. Everything is copacetic and Hannah even gets a nap in on the way to church.

Lo and behold, when Daddy gets to church, he notices that he left the "to go" bag with the extra diapers, bottle and clothes at home. Man does he feel dumb. No problem though, the nursery has extra formula and diapers and if there is a problem, they will page Mommy and Daddy out of service to pick her up.

Hannah goes to the nursery and Mommy and Daddy head off to church. Service was great, no page was received and they were ready to head home. They drop by the nursery to pick up Hannah, but don't see a little girl dressed in pink anywhere.

Apparently there had been a blow out and Hannah needed a change of clothes. Unfortunately, that meant clothes from the donation bin they kept in the nursery.

The outfit picked out for her? Quite possibly the ugliest baby outfit of all time. Seriously. It was hideous. Take a look.

What color is that?

Pink and Blue? Nice.

We still can't figure out exactly what animal that is.

Poor baby has no idea how bad it is.

Mommy immediately took Daddy's jacket and covered Hannah up and left church as fast as possible and changed her as soon as she got home. Only this photographic evidence remains. Daddy has promised never to forget again and Mommy has sworn she will put extra clothes in both cars.