Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A bird feeder???

 Sometimes I have wild ideas about things my kids can make.  It's a good thing that my sweet friend, Sondra, is willing to try them out with me.  Today I wanted to make a bird feeder to hang in the backyard.  So we met at the park to minimize the cleanup.  Great move there! Anyway, we cut a paper plate and covered it with peanut butter.  The kids then put the birdseed on top.  Lauren placed it carefully, Zachary and Hannah completely covered it, and Abigail thought she should taste it.  Funny how they did it so differently.  We had fun and the kids enjoyed being together as always.

 After we finished up I wanted to take a picture of everyone. Here are the results...

Nice, huh? It was a nice try!

Pretty Flowers and Pretty Girls!

 We visited the Dallas Arboretum last week with my mom.  The weather was a bit chilly and there were alot of people there, but the girls didn't seem to mind. Here are some pictures of my sweet kids.
 Lauren's classic "cheese" smile.  Every.Single.Time.
 Hannah trying to hold her hair back...such a little diva.
 Not too bad of a sister picture...

 Hannah wanted to see where J and April got married.  When we got to the spot she wanted to dance....Grammie was the winner! She was a great sport with Hannah's requests!
We had a nice time, and look forward to going back again another day!