Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer Fun

We have already enjoyed one of the perks of warm water in Texas. Water!!!! This evening we spent some time at the splash park by our house with our lifegroup friends. It was a great time of food and fellowship. Too bad I didn't get any good pictures. Oh well! We have tried out a new splash park with our friends Zachary and Abigail. These kids have so much fun together. (and so do the mommies) Zachary and Abigail are both so sweet to Lauren and love to be around her. Lauren doesn't mind one bit!

Carson, Shane, and Aubrey joined us too. The boys enjoyed the scenery more than the water! Silly boys!
Hannah would play in the water all day if we let her!
And so would Lauren!
I think she loves it more than the pool!

These pictures are from our first trip to the pool this summer. We had a great time eating, swimming, and spending time with our friends. Here are Zachary, Michael, and Hannah playing in the pool. They didn't want to pose all at the same time. Some day!
Abigail enjoying her lunch!
And sweet Lauren too!
I thought I would try again. No such luck!

Baby Ella

Our good friends, Jon and Angie, welcomed their little girl into the world last week. On Saturday we traveled to Grapevine to meet their newest little one. Congratulations Jon, Angie, and big brother Kaden! She is precious. As you can see Hannah was in LOVE. She talks about her often.

Lauren getting in the action too. Do you see that bow? She NEVER keeps them on anymore and it makes me so sad. We can't wait to see you again Rhodes family!

Just some cute pics...

I think this picture is really cute because it sums up Lauren's days, watching Hannah. She ADORES her and it constantly following her around. I pray that they are good friends.

Ummm...yea. I know 10 month olds are not supposed to eat oreos, but she found it before we realized it. Hannah was eating one and apparently left it next to Lauren. Who doesn't love oreos?
Hannah had her last day of school last week. She loved every minute and learned so many things! We can't wait for the fall!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Picture Comaparison

This is a picture of Hannah, Emma, and Bailey when Hannah was about 11 months old. Check out the hair?

Here is a picture of Lauren and Emma taken today at 10 1/2 months old. Check out that hair? Oh wait...there isn't any! Haha!