Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I have been TERRIBLE about blogging lately! Now that birthdays are over life has slowed down tons here at the Alban household. It's wild to think we now have a ONE year old and a THREE year old! Ahhh! Anyway, here are some pics that I have taken lately.

My sweet Hannah Banana! She is such a delight to have as a daughter! At three years old she loves to dance and sing to music of all kind, play with her princess dolls, and take showers "all by myself!" She is very independent and likes to put her own clothes and shoes on all by herself. She often insists that her hair is "down" and not "up" and loves to play dress up too! Popsicles, hot dogs, and quesadillas still rank on the top of her food list, but she is willing to at least taste new things. She wears panties and uses the potty like a big girl although, she doesn't always want to stop what she is doing and go potty. This girl loves to watch movies and is learning how to play games. Hannah is a wonderful big sister and she loves Lauren to pieces. She will be going to preschool in a couple of weeks and we are so excited for her! We love you sweet girl!
My sweet Lauren Bear! How is it that you are already 13 months old? Just last week she decided that walking might be kinda fun! Helloooooooo! We have been trying to tell you this sweet girl! Crawling still seems faster sometimes, but she is walking more each day. She continues to be our little eater who is willing to try just about anything. Using a fork seems to make everthing taste better! Oh, yeah...this girl is a climber! Don't turn your back on her or she will be standing on top of something dangerous with a giant smile! At 13 months you adore your sister and both puppy dogs. You watch everything that Hannah does, and try to copy it. It is priceless to watch. Sometimes you love the puppies too much and I think you scare them a little. It's been a while since Hannah was rough with them,but they are getting used to it again! She is learning to use some words including dada, night night, dog, down, mama, and we think you say nana for Hannah. She will use sign language for milk and more. We love you to pieces and look forward to what is to come!

It's hard to get these girls to stop long enough for a good picture!