Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gaylord Texan

On Sunday we met our very good friends, The Rhodes, at the Gaylord Texan to check out the holiday decorations. We were not the only ones who went to the hotel on Sunday, and it was very busy! We tried to take lots of pictures and enjoyed a yummy meal after we finished. Spending time with Jon, Angie, Megan, and Kaden is always fun. We love you guys lots! Merry Christmas!

The only way she was happy was when she was sitting alone in the sleigh.

Hannah was not so sure about Kaden's two year old moment. I know her time is coming!

Holding hands and being very sweet.

With so many people and no stroller Daddy's shoulders were the best choice. Can you see how she is pulling on the little hairs on his head?

She was not interested in looking at me. Can you tell?

This is what you get when you tell her to say cheese!

First Official Haircut

Last Friday Hannah got her first official haircut. I was a bad Mommy and only took two pictures. I know...bad mommy. She did great and loved Lisa the hair lady. We only trimmed it so it doesn't really look any different!


On our way to do a little shopping we stopped to see the reindeer.

A Second Visit with Santa

So, Santa is not Hannah's favorite person to visit at the mall. We tried once at Stonebriar and the pictures turned out terrible. Mom and I wanted to try again so we went to Willowbend instead. They had a really cool setup with fake snow and scenes from the Polar Express. Santa went better, but I had to hold her and be in the pictures too! After we saw Santa we ate lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. Hannah sat in a booster seat for the first time and she did great!

Not so sure about the fake snow.

Getting better.

Toys for Tots

Daddy's work was a drop of site for Toys for Tots this year. Hannah, Brendin, and I ate some tasty bbq, picked out a toy to give and headed over to the stadium. There were lots of toys in the truck and many more were delivered after we left. We had some hot chocolate and tried to take pictures with Santa and Mrs. Claus. As you can see it didn't go so well.

Aunt Brendin would smile!

But not Hannah! Oh, well!

Visit to Northpark

Kelly and Micheal met us at Northpark to check out the Christmas sights and sounds. We enjoyed walking around and looking at the beautiful decorations. The kids loved looking at the ducks and turtles in the little pond. Unfortunately, our trip was cut short because Micheal had to go home to change his clothes. It was fun while we were there!


Hannah now has 12 teeth! She absolutely loves to brush her teeth! Truthfully... I think she just really likes the way the toothpaste tastes. Whatever she thinks is good with me!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Two Years Ago!

Isn't God amazing? Two years ago today we found out that we were going to be parents for the first time. With the news came alot of excitement, joy, and fear. It is truly amazing to see that God created this little one from nothing and has trusted her in our care. If only we knew on this day two years ago what joy and love this little one would bring us on this December 11. Her first photograph when I was 8 weeks pregnant.

Sixteen months old. We love you Hannah, Banana!


Who knew that Hannah loved pickles so much? She ate two large pickle spears yesterday and loved every bite! Silly girl!

Please mom! More pickles!
I know where they are! Up there!


I am so sorry that these pictures are so late! This year my mom found a wonderful house on Cedar Creek Lake for us to celebrate Thanksgiving at. We stayed for three nights with my mom, dad, Jonathan, April, Grandma, Katrina, Tricia, Michael, Emily and Eric. The house was beautiful and fit our size very well. Hannah love the attention from everybody and we were able to relax some too! Emily and Hannah being silly.

Great Grandma Wade and Hannah

She loves water bottles! After taking a drink she pretends to cough! Who knows why!

Watching the ducks with Big Daddy!

Eric, Eric, Eric. Well...Hannah was not a huge fan, but it did get better.

Thanksgiving lunch.


Hannah convinced everyone to take her out to look at the ducks. She loved being out there!