Monday, February 9, 2009

A few pics

What a life these puppies have, huh? Laying in the sun and sleeping! I had to get a picture of these two silly dogs.

Lately, Hannah has been very interested in the dogs. She is learning how to tug with Bailey and usually does a pretty good job. Constantly she is telling them "hi" and aks to give them a hug. I am not sure what she thinks they will say back when she says "hi", but she loves to do it. A dog hug really justs consists of Hannah hugging them, but that's okay too. Sometimes she tries to pick them up and loves to lay on top of Emma. Emma was being very patient with her in this picture and Hannah loved it.
Silly girl almost never smiles directly at the camera!
I tried to use these rollers in her hair last week and it did not go so well. First of all, I am not sure how they are supposed to work because there is no heat involved. Anyway, Hannah played with the extra rollers while I put them in her hair. As SOON as the last one was in she noticed and wanted them "out". So we took them out and her hair looked the same as before. Oh well!
Just being silly and making her hair VERY big!