Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Footie Jammies

For Christmas I bought the girls matching jammies.  Lauren got footie pj's and Hannah got a two piece set that had the same print.  When Hannah figured out that hers did not have feet she was devasted.  She hasn't worn footed jammies since she was 9 months old! So she and I went to the store after Christmas and picked out one pair of footie jammies.  To be honest I thought she would hate them and not wear them, but I was WRONG. EVERY night she wants to wear them! She loves them! Needless to say, we bought some more! Silly girl!

TRULY matching jammies!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Halfway from one to two!

Sweet Lauren Bear,

     How can it be that you are already 18 months old? It seems like such a short time ago that you joined our hearts and our lives! I have to admit that I have been looking forward to you being this age for a while now.  Part of me loves that baby stage, but the other part of me knows how much fun you are becoming now that you are older.  You are such a tender hearted little girl with so much love for everyone around you!
You have such an excitement for the little things in life.  You love to play with just about anything you
can! You love to take showers and you can't wait to eat breakfast as soon as you get out of bed. Generally, you are a happy little girl unless you can't have what you want (because Hannah won't let you) or you can't do it by yourself.  You love to follow Hannah around and want to play with whatever she is playing with.  Most of the time she agrees to let you play!:) Although you love your sissy, you love your alone time with mommy while Hannah is at school.  Most days you sleep until 7, and take a pretty good nap.  You like to eat variety (unlike your sister) and love Mexican food! Recently you have had a growth spurt and wear 24 month size clothes.  You try to talk all the time and have added some new ones lately.  Sissy, Hannah, MOMMA (firmly yelled), DADDY (also firmly yelled), ball, up, down, out, on, and NO are some of your favs.  You don't talk quite as much as your sister did at this age, but goodness you dont need to! Hannah does it for you! We are so proud of you and couldn't imagine our lives without you in our family. Thank you God for blessing us with the life of Lauren Kate.

Oh,  yeah...I had a hard time with the pictures.  She just wanted the camera, and wouldn't stand still!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Lately, the girls have been really sweet with each other.  It seems like they just truly realized it is kind of fun to play and interact with one another.  I love watching them enjoy being together.  Along with the sweet moments have come those not so sweet moments! Although it's exhausting to experience sometimes, they are creating priceless memories! We love you sweet girls!

This picture above is blurry, but it captures their true personalities!

First trip to the dentist!

Hannah had her first trip to the dentist today and she did GREAT! She did awesome and was super exicted about all the goodies they gave her. We went to a pediatric dentist and they were wonderful with her.  They took xrays and cleaned her teeth.  The dentist was pleased with what he saw and said to keep up the good work.  He also noted that she has a teeny tiny mouth which means braces are in her future! He even thought as early as 7 or 8 years old! Oh, my! We better start saving now! I am so proud of how well she handled such a big girl thing!

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Snow!!

 We got our annual snowfall yesterday! Hannah couldn't wait to go outside and play in it.  So we got all bundled up and went outside.  It didn't last long because it was COLD! Here are a few pictures I snapped!