Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How many can you do?

One and
two and
three and
four! I love to do push-ups!
Sweet Girl

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Every year we raise butterflies as a class. This year we had five butterflies that survived and the kids really loved it. We even got to see two of them come out of their chryalis. Today we released them outside in hopes that they will survive!

Safety Town and Class Pictures

Today my class and I went to Safety Town in Frisco. In first grade they teach them about car and pedestrian safety. Once they have learned about what to do they get to drive these really cool cars! It is truly like a little town with a tollway, a Walmart, stop signs, and traffic lights! They really enjoyed it.

My New Ride

There is not much going on these days, just the normal stuff around here. I did get a new car seat though. Do you like it? I like it so far! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Emma just can not resist licking my face! I don't really like it!
Aren't we cute though? I do like to wave to her, but that tounge sure is slimmy!
There she goes again! I have figured out how to scoot backwards, but not forwards yet.
I will let you know when I decide to take off. I am getting ready. Talk to you soon!

Check out my new moves!

Roll one way and roll the other way!
Wait...I think I might want to sit up.
First, I must get up onto my knees.
Then, I very carefully back myself up.
Just a little further!
Ta da! I am now sitting up by myself. Aren't you proud of me?

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Hannah has started feeding herself! She loves Gerber stars, carrots, peas, bananas, and cheese. I really enjoy this feeding style because I can eat at the same time! What will be next?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My new shades!

I put these sunglasses on her and she got sooooo excited! It was really very funny. We hope you enjoy the pictures!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Getting bigger everyday!

Who knew that the Toys R' Us ad could be so exciting! Hannah and I had fun riding together in the backseat together!
This is our new sleeping position. It is funny to us that she sleeps this way because she has never liked being on her tummy. When she is not sleeping...she still doesn't like being on her tummy! We do enjoy watching her rock on her knees on the monitor screen.
We went to The Alban's house today for Grandma Alban's birthday celebration. Hannah played some piano while she was there. We had a really good time and Hannah even got to sleep in Daddy's old crib!
Hannah loves to stand and "practice" walking. We think she might skip the crawling stage and go right into walking. This shows her pulling up on the basket of toys. She was sitting on her bottom before this was taken!

Swings, swings, and more swings!

Hannah has always loved the swing. When she was really little she took almost every nap in the swing! Now we have moved on to bigger and better swings. The blue one is at the park in our neighborhood and the red one is at Grandma and Grandpa Alban's house!

Do you like my new chair?

Daddy said we had to get green just in cause I have a baby brother someday. Do you like it? I is very soft and comfy. Watch out though because if you get too close to the edge then you might go head first into the ground. I know from experience!

Check out all my hair!

So...the old wives tale says that if you have alot of heartburn when you are pregnant then your baby is going to have lots of hair! I had lots of heartburn and she has lots of hair! It is getting longer and is starting to have some wave too!

Hannah Dancing

There is just something about music and Hannah. She absolutely loves it. She'll bounce and wiggle and sing whenver she hears it. In this video, she is part conductor, part lead singer, and part fly girl.