Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wedding Pictures!

We had a great and exhausting weekend celebrating Jonathan and April's wedding. The party started on Friday at a very hot rehersal at the Arboretum. The wedding was wonderful and the rehersal dinner was as well! Kaden and Hannah did a GREAT job and they even made it down the isle! We were very proud of them. After much dancing and sweating we headed home to get some rest. On Sunday, we spent some more time with family while they were still in town. What a great weekend! Running around at the HOT rehersal.

All ready to go!
Enjoying the air conditioner while we waited for the ceremony to start and posing with GG. GG came in early just to spend some extra time with us. Thanks GG!

Being silly!

Trying to take a few pictures before the ceremony.
Dancing with Grammie!

This is my new friend, Gabe. He is actually my mommies cousins son. Did you get that? We LOVED dancing and being together.

The bride and groom.

Playing with Gabe on Sunday.

Can you believe that I am almost two? Can you believe that I am going to have a baby sister in a little over six weeks? Time is flying by!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wedding Day!

Today my litttle brother is getting married!!! Well...he is not so little anymore. We are so excited for Jonathan and April as they begin their new journey today as husband and wife. May God bless you and your special day. We love you guys and look forward to many years to come!

Monday, May 18, 2009

My attempt at being crafty!

I got a sewing machine for Christmas and I just figured out how to use it well last week. Here is my attempt to make some burp cloths for Lauren. I think they turned out pretty good. We will see how long this hobby lasts! Front


A little dirt doesn't hurt!

Yesterday I was trying to pick a few weeds in the backyard and Hannah wanted to help. She kept picking up the dirt from the flowerbed and carrying it over to her swingset. She was pretty dirty, but she didn't care at all! It was funny because she doesn't like for her hands to be dirty when she it eating, so I was surprised she didn't mind a little dirt!

Opps! Forgot to take the sticker of her back from church!

This is where she was putting the dirt after she took it from the flowerbed!

Playing with the Boys

Every Wednesday I keep Carson and Shane while their mom goes to tutor. Hannah LOVES when they come over to play and can't wait to see them every time! Shane is getting so big and will be four months old at the beginning of June. Do you like the pink boppy and blanket? Shane didn't seem to mind! Hannah and Carson love to see each other too! They are always talking about each other and like giving hugs! What sweet kids we have! Carson is going to be 17 months at the beginning of June.

Parker came over on Wednesday morning to play while his mom went to the doctor. He really liked Hannah and Bailey, but not so much Emma. Parker is almost nine months old.

Hannah does have friends that are girls I promise, but they are all too small to play right now! Come on girls...grow!

Mother's Day

For dinner on Mother's Day we went to eat at Watter's Crossing in Allen. They have a really pretty grassy area with a little creek and some pretend ducks. Hannah LOVED the ducks and wanted to sit on the all night long. In fact, she threw an all out fit when we told her we had to leave. She really enjoys watching older kids and there were tons of them out there on the lawn.

She wouldn't go close to the pig unless daddy went too!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

What's up?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lauren's Room

We are starting to work on the details of Lauren's bedroom. Tonight Dustin helped we hang the flower balls I made above the crib. I am very pleased with the way they turned out.

In this picture they don't look very big, but I promise they are a good size. Dustin and his dad also put up the ceiling fan in the room today.

This is the lamp I made for the table next to her glider. The pink ribbons really add alot to the green room!

To Keller we went!

Yesterday we headed to Keller (in the rain) to spend some time with the Rhodes family! We had a great time with some yummy fajitas and little bit of game playing. The dogs even got to come along...and I do think they enjoyed it. We always love spending time with the Rhodes family and can't wait to see them again soon! Thanks for having us over! Poor Bailey is almost being strangled here, but Hannah is enjoying it! Do you like the glasses? She wore them the entire way there (an hour) and it was not even sunny! It was poring down rain! Silly girl!

Kaden doesn't usually like our dogs, but he sure did tonight! He was very sweet to both of them and enjoyed them being at his house!
Megan and Bailey were having a very serious conversation on the couch!A little break in the rain allowed for a short game of baseball with the daddy. Both Kaden and Hannah enjoyed the time outside. Then it started raining again!

A little movie time while the adults played games!

See you again soon! Love you guys!

Auntie B's Birthday Lunch

Tuesday was Auntie B's birthday, so we had to go and celebrate! We had a great time eating mexican food and visiting with everyone! Happy Birthday Brendin!