Monday, September 29, 2008

Mama Bears at the Arboretum

Today we went to to Dallas Arboretum to meet some of the other Mama and Baby Baylor Bears in the area. Grammie, Aubrey, and Carson went too! We had a great time and took lots of pictures. If only that silly girl would stop long enough for a smile and a picture!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Playing with Carson

Carson came over to play with us today so that his mama could go tutor. Hannah and Carson are going to be good friends after playing together three to four times a week! They were precious riding in the wagon and swinging together!

Looking pretty for church

Can you say chocolate pudding?

Sugar free and fat free of course. She decided to ditch the spoon after a while!

While Mommy was cleaning...

Hannah was making another mess! She took all of the pajamas out of the drawer and tried to wear them on her head! Silly girl!

Bibs work for a purse right?

Friday, September 19, 2008

11 years

Today, September 19, marks eleven years that Dustin and I have been together. We went on our first date eleven years ago tonight to Sliders and Blue and the Plano East Football game. Hard to believe it has been that long already. I love you!

Pictures with Mommy and Daddy

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


That's right folks, we read THEM ALL tonight after bath and before bed. She just kept bringing them to me and wanting to sit in my lap. I am so proud of her and how much she is learning and growing. This one we read at least five times. Mmmm Mmmm she says as we read this page!

To the Park with the Pups

After dinner Hannah, Bailey, Emma, and I all walked over the small playground at the school in our neighborhood. We had a good time and the weather was nice. Auntie B's car was in the parking lot and we could see her purse in her classroom, but we couldn't find her. We sure did look! Oh well! The ride back.

Yeah, I know we are starting some bad habits here. Don't worry after the picture I made her get down. Her Kindergarden teacher will thank mw for this one some day!
The pups hang out while Hannah played. I just didn't feel right with the school cameras watching us letting the dogs run around. Sorry pups.
Doesn't she look comfy?

Gotta love those wood chips!

Enjoying the Weather

Yesterday we enjoyed some time in the front yard pushing the stroller around. Almost honey, but you might want to make sure she is sitting in the seat!
Oh-O! The baby fell out.
Don't worry I will make it better!

Let's try again.
Yeah! All better!