Thursday, November 13, 2008

Things I like to do...

I love to color! In fact, I can climb onto the chair without any help!

Hannah, where is your hair?
Where is your nose?

She will also point to her toes, belly, belly button, and we still get eyes and ears confused. Oh well!

Birthday Dinner for Jon

On Saturday we celebrated Jon's birthday we some great food and some fun fellowship. After eating at PFChangs, we hung out at Megan's place to let the kids run around and have some fun. The kids were great at dinner and do love playing together.

Jumping on the bed....well Kaden jumped and Hannah tried.

Play Date

Last Friday we got together with some friends of mine that I used to teach with and their kiddos. Hannah, Michael, and Zachary had a great time playing together while we visited. Little Abigail was there too, but I didn't get a picture!

My new do!

So now that my hair is long enough I can have two pigtails in the back! Yea!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Fifteen Months Old

Sweet Girl,

It is so hard to believe that you are already 15 months old! Everyday brings new adventures and opportunities to learn more about who you are. Your sweet spirit and loving heart remind us of what a gift you are. You love to sing and dance to any kind of music you hear. Meals have become more exciting as you are trying new things that you did not like before. Each day brings new words to your vocabulary putting you at over 35 words. Your favorites include dog, bow, dada, bye-bye, hey, and good girl. You know the difference between right and wrong, although you don't always do the right thing. One of your funniest phrases is "good girl" which you say after anything you do that you are proud of. Any day now you will be able to sprint across the house, but for now you are learning how to run. In your mouth you have ten teeth and love to suck on your fingers. What a joy it is to be your parents! We love you and look forward to many memories ahead!

Mommy and Daddy

Sic'em Bears!

Bright and early we headed down with my mom and dad to Baylor's Homecoming. We watched the parade, shopped, and went to the football game. The bears didn't win, but they sure put up a good fight. Here are some of the pictures! This was Hannah's new best friend Kim Collins. They played together at the Phi Chi alumni BBQ.

Just checking things out!

Uncle Jonathan and April at the BBQ.

Pillsbury Dough Boy at the parade.

Watching the parade from our front row seats!

Snacking before the parade started with Kaden.Waiting for the parade to begin. I did not get any pictures at the game, but she was great through all four quarters.